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J.D.Robb/Nora Roberts

Kicking Off 2017 with Nora Roberts 

Pace Yourself: Using Nora Roberts’ Insane Productivity to Inspire Your Own

7 Things to Think About When Writing the Future or the Past


Jack Kerouac

The Great American Novel and Jack Kerouac

The Kerouac-Ginsberg Letters: You Have to Write More than You Think

Kerouac, Burroughs, and Direct Collaboration

Kerouac’s Collaborative Circle: Indirect Collaboration

The Scroll

Charactouac? or Kerouacter?

Lightning, the Lightning Bug, and the Price of Some of Kerouac’s Revisions

Writing the Windblown, Schizophrenic World

Kerouac’s Genius/Interpreter Theory vs. Jenny’s Genius/Genius Theory


Mary Shelley

Sleeping With Your Father

Write Expecting to be Read: Mary Shelley’s Journals

Dream Sequence

White Paper – Wilt Thou Be My Confident?: Grief and Creation

The Ghost in the Machine