Augh! Tuesday Again!: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Grr. Tuesday snuck up on me this week. Time to be held accountable.1. I showed up to be critiqued at my writer's group on Sunday. Took lots of notes on a short story that I'm going to send to Hayden's Ferry Review for their "In the Dark" themed issue. (Ali posted it as a challenge... Continue Reading →

Blame it on the Baseball: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Hello Tuesday and writer-friends! Time to be held accountable for our writing actions...or lack thereof.Unfortunately, I fall into that "Lack Thereof" category this week. And I blame baseball. Not the major league kinda baseball - the way-more-intense world of Babe Ruth League baseball for children 9-10 years old. The world of baseball that my ten... Continue Reading →

Still Typing: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Hello writer-friends. It's Tuesday, which means that it's time to be accountable...which I wasn't last Tuesday. Quick reason for no posting last Tuesday: My grandmother died on March 31. It was rather an emotional week that manifested some strange things. The first of which - Last Monday (the Monday after her death) I decided to go... Continue Reading →

Last Minute Stories and Editing: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

It's Spring Break, so I almost forgot it was Tuesday. Time to be held accountable!Here is what I did last week:1. As Ali posted on Saturday, Hayden's Ferry Review has put out the call for their "In the Dark" issue. Oliver and I decided that would be a fun experiment for our writer's group and... Continue Reading →

Revising the Plan: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Happy Tuesday, writerly folk! Tuesdays are accountability day here at Place for the time to see what we accomplished writing-wise this past week:1. Okay, so I know last week I said to hold me accountable for the End-of-April rough draft plan. I'm here to say that perhaps that was a smidge hasty. I've been... Continue Reading →

Getting After It: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Welcome to Tuesday, dear writers. That means it's time to tell tales about what we've accomplished this past week. As for me:1. Filled a notebook! Yahoo! You know the only thing better than filling a notebook? Starting a fresh one! Which I have also done this week. I've resigned myself to the fact that I... Continue Reading →

Filling Notebooks: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Tuesday sneaks up on me sometimes. Time to be accountable! Here is what I have done this past week:1. Glorious news! I have almost filled a 120 page notebook with new novel words! The rough kind of words, but words nonetheless! Next week I should be able to say: filled a notebook. Such almost-satisfaction. I... Continue Reading →

The Nepalese Cheese Man: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Welcome to Tuesday - it's time to be accountable again.This last week has meant adjustment. There was decidedly less drama this week, so that certainly made everything easier. Whew! 1. Unfortunately, for me because I'm no morning person, my schedule has necessarily been adjusted to accomodate - *gulp* - morning writing. Yes, my writing bretheren,... Continue Reading →

Make It Stop: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

You'd think after last week that there was no more drama to be had. You'd think wrong! But it is Tuesday, so it's time to be accountable for writing stuff.1. I did finish a chapter of The Line. It was like pulling teeth for every single word, but the chapter got written! The struggle I'm... Continue Reading →

Doing Stuff: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Oh, yeah! It's Tuesday - time to see what we've accomplished this past week.I've gotta say: not much. My grandmother became very, very ill this past week and that entailed multiple cross-country phone calls, getting my mother to the airport, lots of stressing, and just general unrest in life. I'm sure you guys have had... Continue Reading →

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