Random Post of Awesome: Braggin’ on a Buddy!: Ajay Ramachandran Poetry Published by Midtown

Great news! My buddy Ajay Ramachandran, who comments early and often on anything Virginia Woolf or P.G. Wodehouse (our very special mentors from earlier this year), has had a a wonderful poem publish by Midtown: A Journal of Writing and Fine Arts. "Achebe to Zwiren"Please go check it out - it's well worth it. Bookophiles... Continue Reading →

The Transition Between Periods

In her exploration of Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf made this observation:"Let us take Persuasion, the last completed novel, and look by its light at the books she might have written had she lived. There is a peculiar beauty and a peculiar dullness in Persuasion. The dullness is that which so often marks the transition stage... Continue Reading →

Criticism and the Writer

Let's face it: Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga, has taken some serious knocks from other writers. Yes, some of those writers may be jealous of Meyer's success. Some of those writers may legitimately think that Meyer is successful beyond reason for no reason.When is it okay to criticize a writer, and how should... Continue Reading →

Google Your Name Much?

“Reflection: It is presumably a bad thing to look through articles, reviews, etc. to find one’s own name. Yet I often do.”~Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary While reading through Woolf’s diary, it’s easy to conclude: It’s good Virginia Woolf did not live in the time of Google or Amazon Reviews.Because, holy moly! The girl was... Continue Reading →

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