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Haiku is defined in Jack Myers’s The Portable Poetry Workshop as: “A Japanese lyric form composed of three lines totaling 17 syllables: 5, 7, 5 respectively.” Well, if you ever want to understand the terminology of poetry, you can’t do much better than this… Continue Reading “Haiku”

Hippos and the Beat of the Beats

And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks is about a crime – a terrible crime – the worst kind of crime one person can commit against another. Yet, when reading the book, and even after acknowledging that the characters and details have been… Continue Reading “Hippos and the Beat of the Beats”

Kerouac’s Collaborative Circle: Indirect Collaboration

You may think that all you need to write good books is will-power, a stellar idea, and a cave. You may think that hiding in a cubby hole with a full-battery-power laptop is all there is to turning out a tale worth telling. Perhaps… Continue Reading “Kerouac’s Collaborative Circle: Indirect Collaboration”

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