Change the Geography!!!!

This is less of an exploration of Tana French's work, than a post giving permission to do what she does: change the geography of a real place if it suits your story and don't apologize for it.All of French's novels take place in Dublin, but if you tried to follow her street directions (kinda like... Continue Reading →

Playing ‘Character Point Of View’ Tag

Strong POV characters dominate Tana French's novels. Each of her people have definite ideas about life, love, work, and how things should be done. This allows each novel to be its own complete thing.And there's a really cool thing French does that makes these characters even more interesting -- and that's making her characters have... Continue Reading →

Colloquialisms as a Way to Set Up Setting

There are a million ways to establish a setting. The easiest and most straightforward is to describe the setting in narration -- just lay out how things look. But there's more to a setting than physical surroundings and sometimes plain old description just doesn't cut it.Every place has its own rhythm, its own people. Its... Continue Reading →

Writing a Series that Can Be Read Out-of-Order

As a reader of mysteries (and, to a lesser extent, fantasies), one of the difficulties I run into is finding a series where I don't have to start at the beginning -- like if the library or bookstore doesn't have a copy of the number I need. And, sometimes I just wanna grab a book,... Continue Reading →

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