A Clockwork Orange: The Book, The Movie, The Play

Tonight is the opening night of Theatre 'd Art's production of A Clockwork Orange -- in which I am playing Alex's mother and the orderly who straps him into the cinny contraption. Aside from the insane story, the insane in-your-face staging (we're doing it promenade-style), and the insane insanity inherent in the piece itself...this has... Continue Reading →

Third Culture Kids

Writers like Alameddine are interesting because living in more than one culture (he grew up in Lebanon and Kuwait, then moved to England, then to America) gives unique flavors to the writing.  An article I read for my thesis is "Home: Territory and Identity" by J.M. Wise.  It's an interesting read and I definitely recommend... Continue Reading →

Layers Like Baklava

I have attached a diagram to illustrate the many layers of The Hakawati.  The novel's structure is kind of like a braid.  There are three main lines of story that intertwine: The present, the past, and the fairy tale.  These main lines then have offshoots, little mini stories, that add even more complexity to the... Continue Reading →

Modes of Storytelling

This month's mentor is one I like so much I actually wrote about him for my MA thesis.  Since I don't want to let all that dense academic jargon go to waste, I'm going to be pulling bits from my thesis to help me talk about Rabih Alameddine.First, let's talk a little about The Hakawati... Continue Reading →

When Writing Is It

Some people ask, how do you know you're a writer?Answers vary: when I've finished the first draft of my first novel; when I've been accepted by an agent; when I've been published; when I've sold X amount of books; when I'm an answer on Jeopardy!I think the answer is more simple and more complex than... Continue Reading →

Chapters in Which Something Happens

My daughter, who is three, is on her way to being the next Neil Gaiman.Bronwen likes to tell stories. The other day we were driving somewhere, the destination is unimportant, and she asked me if I wanted to hear a story. Always open to the possibility of stealing my children's ideas and using them in a... Continue Reading →

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