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Don’t Make It Too Hard On Your Reader

Okay, writing a book in three days and three nights is a feat. It probably requires amphetemines of some kind. Or copious amounts of Vivarin. It also requires keyboarding skills that most secretaries would envy. I think most of us would agree that some… Continue Reading “Don’t Make It Too Hard On Your Reader”

Spontaneous Prose: What it Looks Like

There’s a list Kerouac jotted down that is often copied. Called “Belief &Technique for Modern Prose,” it is thirty pieces of advice for writers who want to write spontaneously and Beat-like. A couple of my favorites tidbits: #1. Scribbled secret notebooks, and wild typewritten… Continue Reading “Spontaneous Prose: What it Looks Like”


Haiku is defined in Jack Myers’s The Portable Poetry Workshop as: “A Japanese lyric form composed of three lines totaling 17 syllables: 5, 7, 5 respectively.” Well, if you ever want to understand the terminology of poetry, you can’t do much better than this… Continue Reading “Haiku”

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