Whoa. This is post #300. That sounds like a really big number to me. In honor of this momentous occasion (Momentous for me--I'm sure there're many bloggers out there going: "Well, you don't write too much do you?) I think that today I'll talk about a piece of legislation that is 300 years old and... Continue Reading →

E-xclusivity: The Word on the Bookselling Street

See previous post for current Amazon/Wylie Adventuretime In Books.At a staff meeting recently at one of the big chain bookstores to which I was privvy, there was a brief but interesting discussion regarding the Amazon/Wylie exclusivity venture. Seems that some booksellers have come to the conclusion that exclusivity for e-book titles is detrimental to the... Continue Reading →

A New ‘Agency’ Model?

There's been some recent hubbub about agent Andrew Wylie's deal with Amazon--to exclusively sell backlist for a list of big-name/legendary authors in e-book form. The exclusivity lasts two years, and while I have my own personal issues with bookselling in any format as exclusive, that's not what I want to talk about.What struck me as... Continue Reading →

Nervous energy.Tonight the CWCers will be giving me feedback on the 2nd draft of FJR. I admit to feeling a bit stressed because I so want it to be close to submitable. (I also hope they don't read this before hand and adjust comments...so: no adjusting people!)Here's the thing when you've put so much work... Continue Reading →

Never Get Cocky

That's the message that I received in the mail today.First: Free copies of Shimmer magazine...the issue in which I was published! Yippee! I'm the best writer ever!Second: Rejection letter right below it. "Sorry, it's not right for us" yadda yadda yadda.You just gotta take the bad with the good, ya know?

Rejection Connection

Rejection update.Got a couple form letters.But I also got a great one from The Missouri Review:"Although we won't be publishing this story, I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your writing. The style and structure of the story itself sets it apart. Good luck in the future and I hope you'll try us... Continue Reading →

Let us say "Unprofessional"

All right, so I'm not going to name names, but I have to bitch just a little about a magazine and its submitters that recently created a pain in my ass.I have a special e-mail address that I use when submitting so that things like rejection letters do not get lost in some random junk... Continue Reading →

American Idol and How to Present Yourself

I admit to being a fan of the one and only American Idol--but it's probably not for the reasons you think. In my opinion, anyone looking to go into a job interview, or make a presentation, or even send out stories would do well to watch the show and figure out what *NOT* to do.For... Continue Reading →

Nice Rejections are Nice

Just got a rejection letter from a neat magazine called Contrary. They were very polite. While it's always a bummer to get a "No", a "No thank you, but we enjoyed it" is even better. Check out their new online content:http://www.contrarymagazine.com/And consider submitting.

Where to Find Markets

There are a lot of questions out there about where to find places that will publish your work. Really, all you’ve got to do is snoop around a little bit and you’ll find a place. But (!) to make your snooping easier, below are wonderful resources for writers looking to publish short stories, poetry, and... Continue Reading →

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