Better Read Millennials, Stephen King’s Ancestors, and a Piece of Writing You’ll Never See

Here's a round-up of cool reading/writing news that I've come across recently and thought you'd enjoy too!According to a new Pew Research Center Study, as Slate reports, Millennials are better read than previous generations. No real surprise that James Patterson is the top-earning writer -- coming in at $94 million this past year -- according to Forbes'... Continue Reading →

Myth, History, and Belief Systems

"Ancient myths precede histories and were once thought to be histories. They were thought to be true accounts of important matters." ~Margaret Atwood, from "Burning Bushes" in In Other Worlds: SF and the Human ImaginationI'm part of a couple reading groups on Goodreads. Unfortunately, I can never seem to keep up with the novels the... Continue Reading →

New Short Story from Our Mentor!

Hello Atwood fans. For those of you interested, The New Yorker has published a new short story by Margaret Atwood: "Stone Mattress." If you dig stories with dark women...this one's for you. Let us know what you think!

World Building vs. Character Building

Today I'm going to follow up on my earlier post about The Year of the Flood. I had talked about Atwood's world building, which is immersive and draws me right in. She doesn't info dump, but rather, she gives little glimpses to draw you in. It's like the world-building peep show. On the second page... Continue Reading →

World Building

I'm working my way through Atwood's The Year of the Flood. The interesting thing to look at is how she built her world. On one hand, she explains very little. She tosses the reader right into the midst of rakunks and a post-apocalyptic world. It's not until much later that she explains about the genetic... Continue Reading →

Margaret Atwood and Origins

Part mentor post, part Origins Blogfest (this one's a big 'un...and how's that? From no blogfests to two in three days!).In Other Worlds: Science Fiction and the Human Imagination, Atwood has a series of essays about how she came to write science fiction - or speculative fiction, depending on what definition you use - so I... Continue Reading →

Margaret Atwood on Her Creative Process

Okay, here's a great little interview from Big Think, asking Margaret Atwood all those questions that we writers love to ask other writers...especially those more successful or smarter than us. Something interesting that struck me in her methodology was the 'rolling barrage' - because I do this. As she describes it: the rolling barrage is... Continue Reading →

You Say To-may-to, I Say To-mah-to: Define Your Terms

“What I mean by ‘science fiction’ is those books that descend from H.G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds, which treats of an invasion by tentacled, blood-sucking Martians shot to Earth in metal canisters…’speculative fiction’ means plots that descend from Jules Verne’s books about submarines and balloon travel and such – things that really could... Continue Reading →

Farewell Gaiman, Welcome Atwood

Alas, such as it is on this blog, we cannot keep talking about one author forever. So, as pleasant as it has been to talk of Gaiman, and as many works as we have left explore of his, it's time for someone new. But dry your tears, friends, we'll be talking about Terry Pratchett in... Continue Reading →

Thursday Reviews!: Good Bones and Simple Murders by Margaret Atwood

Good Bones and Simple Murders by Margaret AtwoodMy rating: 5 of 5 starsI read the first story of this book, "Murder in the Dark," and when I was finished I turned to my husband, shoved the book in his hand, told him to read it and then he was to tell me HOW DID SHE... Continue Reading →

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