A Good Idea to Steal: A Table of Contents

I admit it. I'm a notebook jumper. It is rare that I fill a notebook to capacity before skipping to a new one.Because I'm a little neurotic and slightly OCD when it comes to my writing (my family would tell you I'm nowhere near OCD in my regular daily life), I find it somewhat stressful to... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: When Women Write Men

Today, I bring you a special edition guest post from our friend John.  Last week, I talked about men writing women, and we thought it would be fun to get the other side of the story.  So, without further ado, here's what John has to say about it."How do you write women so well?" "I... Continue Reading →

Make It Stop: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

You'd think after last week that there was no more drama to be had. You'd think wrong! But it is Tuesday, so it's time to be accountable for writing stuff.1. I did finish a chapter of The Line. It was like pulling teeth for every single word, but the chapter got written! The struggle I'm... Continue Reading →

Random Post of Awesome: Braggin’ on a Buddy!

Hey guys, just got great news that my buddy John's short story "Not Ready for Her Close-up" was accepted for publication at the Barbaric Yawp. Congrats to John for his acceptance. And a big thank-you in general to the hard working folks at these magazines--they do it for love, not money.

Shaking in their boots (or sandals, it is summer….)

The Great Writing Race is here!And there are a surprising number of takers for this years challenge.From June 1-July 31 I shall engage the most talented of my friends and, apparently, family in a race to finish my novel. (Well, that's what I'm hoping'll happen.) The reward? Bragging rights, of course, and dinner at a... Continue Reading →

Christopher Moore Stuff

Went with Shane, John, Oliver, and Ali to see Christopher Moore in Boulder last night. Here are my notes:1. It's nice to see an author (a successful author, let me add) in the flesh because it proves that mere mortals are capable of having really cool careers.2. If anyone asks me, at a book signing... Continue Reading →

With Apologies to Virginia Woolf

A little while ago, I requested that people send me reading lists. On one of the lists John mentioned that I should definitely pick up Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own. This is one I've read before, but considering the slight funk I was in, better to read a book about fiction, women, and... Continue Reading →

Are there any real losers?

For those of you keeping track of Ali and John's competition, I know you're with me when I say:Those two have done some work. Word Count Math: Both have done about 80 or so pages in less than two weeks. That's an amazing blast of words for those of us who are not Stephen King.... Continue Reading →

Competition: Is It Right For You?

Iron John has proclaimed that competition is not for the weak, and I tend to agree with his argument.I also say that competition, healthy and vital competition, is necessary for development as a writer. In my college classes there was a certain 'squaring up'--'partnering'--'creation of nemeses' amongst the classmates. In essence, one would pick out... Continue Reading →

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Friday night, after closing on Thursday evening and then opening on Friday morning, I attended the Fourth Annual American Icon. Didn't participate in this one--unless you count whooping and hollering for my buds participation.And let me tell you: Deb, Fleur, and John kicked all kinds of butt.Deb conquered her fear and stood in front of... Continue Reading →

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