Terry Pratchett and A Good Reason to Go To Conferences

Welcome to April and our new mentor:Terry Pratchett!!!!Now, I don't know where you guys are in the world, but I live in Colorado Springs and the last weekend of April is always the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Unfortunately, I'm not attending this year (I have no money, though they do offer scholarships if you're interested!).... Continue Reading →

Margaret Atwood on Her Creative Process

Okay, here's a great little interview from Big Think, asking Margaret Atwood all those questions that we writers love to ask other writers...especially those more successful or smarter than us. Something interesting that struck me in her methodology was the 'rolling barrage' - because I do this. As she describes it: the rolling barrage is... Continue Reading →

Neil Gaiman Selected Shorts Interview

Poking around YouTube, I found this very fascinating interview with Neil Gaiman from Selected Shorts. All the questions came from Selected Shorts viewers/listeners. Gaiman himself just pulls them from a bag and answers - you can't get any more straightforward. Whenever you have about ten minutes to spare, check it out. He talks about truth... Continue Reading →

Haruki Murakami: 1Q84 Interview

The author of Norwegian Wood has a new novel out, a nod to George Orwell's 1984, called 1Q84. I came across this interview and he makes a lot of interesting points, about being a writer and about being a person - my favorite being that you have to know what you love:"So, even though I... Continue Reading →

Mentors Coming Along Right When You Need Them

Happy September everyone! With this new month comes a new mentor: Margaret Atwood.In all honesty, I picked Atwood because my dear, dear friend Deb LOVES her. Before last month I had not read word one of Atwood, so I was going completely based on my friend's suggestion. No other reason. Like most of the mentors this... Continue Reading →

Ben Hecht’s Interview of Jack Kerouac

I seem to have talked a lot this week, so now I'm gonna let Kerouac talk, scabs and all. This is the second portion of an interview held just before/immediately after the release of The Dharma Bums, which we've been talking about this week. In this interview Ben Hecht and Kerouac talk about Buddhism vs.... Continue Reading →

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