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Kerouac’s Genius/Interpreter Theory vs. Jenny’s Genius/Genius Theory

“Let’s examine the word ‘genius.’ It doesn’t mean screwiness or eccentricity or excessive ‘talent.’ It is derived from the Latin word gignere (to beget) and a genius is simply a person who originates something never known before. Nobody but Melville could have written Moby… Continue Reading “Kerouac’s Genius/Interpreter Theory vs. Jenny’s Genius/Genius Theory”

Where to Put the Good Blonde?

In Good Blonde and Others, the opening selection is about Kerouac, hitchhiking back from Mexico, catching a ride in a brand-new Lincoln Mercury driven by a beautiful blonde in a bathing suit. Throughout the section, Kerouac wonders who on Earth would ever believe that… Continue Reading “Where to Put the Good Blonde?”

Thursday Reviews!: Good Blonde and Others by Jack Kerouac (A Mentor Review!)

Good Blonde by Jack Kerouac My rating: 3 of 5 stars Best part about this book: The sections where Kerouac talks his writing style. There are two selection/chapters that cover this “spontaneous prose”: “The Essentials of Spontaneous Prose” and “Belief & Technique for Modern… Continue Reading “Thursday Reviews!: Good Blonde and Others by Jack Kerouac (A Mentor Review!)”

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