Different Arts, Different Behaviors

As a writer, I fly solo. That's kinda the name of the game. The decisions made are mine and mine alone. It's me and the keyboard, my imagination, and whatever command of language I happen to have at the time. If I want to adjust point of view, setting, character, or anything else, I can... Continue Reading →

Terry Pratchett and A Good Reason to Go To Conferences

Welcome to April and our new mentor:Terry Pratchett!!!!Now, I don't know where you guys are in the world, but I live in Colorado Springs and the last weekend of April is always the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Unfortunately, I'm not attending this year (I have no money, though they do offer scholarships if you're interested!).... Continue Reading →

Random Post of Awesomeness: Braggin on a Buddy!

AWESOME News Everyone!My good buddy Fleur Bradley has just gotten word of her acceptance at HarperCollins!Check it out here!Great big hugs to Fleur. I personally know she's worked her tail off for years and has earned every accolade that's possible. Hard work and perseverance pays off people! Get to work! Though it helps to be... Continue Reading →

Comments from the Peanut Gallery

Friday night, after closing on Thursday evening and then opening on Friday morning, I attended the Fourth Annual American Icon. Didn't participate in this one--unless you count whooping and hollering for my buds participation.And let me tell you: Deb, Fleur, and John kicked all kinds of butt.Deb conquered her fear and stood in front of... Continue Reading →

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