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Random Post of Awesome: Braggin’ on a Buddy!

Hey guys, just got great news that my buddy John’s short story “Not Ready for Her Close-up” was accepted for publication at the Barbaric Yawp. Congrats to John for his acceptance. And a big thank-you in general to the hard working folks at these… Continue Reading “Random Post of Awesome: Braggin’ on a Buddy!”

Never Get Cocky

That’s the message that I received in the mail today. First: Free copies of Shimmer magazine…the issue in which I was published! Yippee! I’m the best writer ever! Second: Rejection letter right below it. “Sorry, it’s not right for us” yadda yadda yadda. You… Continue Reading “Never Get Cocky”

Rejections are nice, but this is nicer…

Yay! My short story, “The Elegance of Things Once Living,” has been accepted by Skive Magazine for publication in their June 2008 issue!

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