Why Yes, I NaNo

Happy National Novel Writing Month, writerly people. I wasn’t going to participate this year, having been thwarted the past couple years.

However, I recently participated in a great workshop put on by mystery novelist Becky Clark for Pikes Peak Writers: “How to Write Your Novel in 8 Weeks.” And, while I’m still sorting out a lot of the tools she provided in the workshop (lots of time management advice, which I’m putting into practice), it occurred to me that a great time to put these tools into action would be when every other writer and their brother is trying to accomplish the same goal: write 50K in a month.

Because then not only would I be putting into practice her detailed advice, but I would also have a community to complain — I mean, um — partner with.

If you need a writing buddy, you can “at me” @JennyStolen on the NaNo website.