01-13-2019: The Map Is Not the Territory

4 thoughts on “01-13-2019: The Map Is Not the Territory

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  1. Another great piece of writing that says so much about a lot of things. I really like real women a lot and fuller figures. As you say, there is much beauty on display. The woman who is sharing herself with the world is giving it a gift and nothing to laugh at or ridicule for her bravery. One of the ugliest things I’ve seen in the world are body shamers. No matter what a person’s personal preference is, they have no right to tell another person that their body is unacceptable. The hurt caused leads to a total loss of self-esteem and at the worst end of that spectrum-suicide. Touch the skin, feel the magical embrace, that heat, the amazing beauty of real person. We are meant to yield a little to others, otherwise it’s like slabs of concrete smashing together-Not very sensual at all. No one is perfect, but we are all beautiful.

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