Writing Wednesday: New Age Bullsh*t

I don't know if Chuck Wendig, King of Random Generator Prompts, has used this one yet, but I discovered it and thought: "Now there is a thing." Behold! The NEW AGE BULLSHIT GENERATOR Here's whatcha do: Go to the site. Hit the "Reionize Electrons" button at the top of the page. The generator will give you... Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesday: The Done List

This writing prompt is two pronged: one for us and one for you. Last week, I read this article in Slate about the anti-to-do list. As someone who can get discouraged by the length of my own to-do list (I get bogged down in the have-tos until it feels like that is the sum total... Continue Reading →

7 Things to Think About When Writing the Future…or the Past

Nora Roberts is best known for her romance novels — all of which move through several genres. You’ve got historical, fantastical, modern, thriller, etc. (I could list and list and list…but you get the point.) But she’s also the creator of the J.D. Robb in Death series. For those of you who may not be... Continue Reading →

Writing Wednesday: The Girl in Blue

My friends and I have a Pinterest board where we share interesting pictures to inspire us to write cool things. This is one I keep coming back to, and which I responded to in a 365 story (below image). I'd like to see what you guys do with it. Share your response or link to... Continue Reading →

Pace Yourself: Using Nora Roberts’ Insane Productivity to Inspire Your Own

Writing math is the only kind of math that I do. (I’m a writer, I do words. Numbers are another beast.) I’m constantly figuring and re-figuring how many words I need per day to complete my novel by X date. The date keeps moving because, inevitably, I’ll miss a day or three in my allotted... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt Wednesday: 100 Words of Your Own

So, I've just written a bunch of 100 word stories...now I think it's your turn. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it: write a 100 word story of your own. It doesn't have to be great. This process is just to play. Put your results in the comments section, or share a link to... Continue Reading →

Kicking off 2017 with Nora Roberts

As you know from yesterday’s post, I finished my 2016 goal of writing 365 Little Stories! Now I need something else to do. So, after much pondering, I have decided that I’m going to return to something that I did on my previous blog: Mentors. All artists need to study their craft, yes? And to... Continue Reading →

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