Guest Post: When Women Write Men

Today, I bring you a special edition guest post from our friend John.  Last week, I talked about men writing women, and we thought it would be fun to get the other side of the story.  So, without further ado, here's what John has to say about it."How do you write women so well?" "I... Continue Reading →

Birthday Blip: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Ali: I did a lot of stuff this week.  I went on three hikes, I made muffins, I went on a food tour, I turned a year older, and I mostly kept up with the chain.  I gave myself two days off for the holiday weekend/my birthday.  But, I also finished transcribing Chapter 2 of the... Continue Reading →

Mistresses of the Macabre

Since my last post was about gender & writing, it caught my eye when I saw a call for submissions from Dark Moon Books that wants horror written by women: "No doubt about it, woman view the world differently than men."  The deadline is June 30th.Time to get your creep on.Sorry boys, this one is girls... Continue Reading →

When Dudes Write Chicks

I the Divine was the first book I read by Alameddine.  When I picked it up, I had a moment of skepticism because here was a dude writing a book with a female protagonist and some of the chapters are even in first person.  Right around this time, we had a couple of guys cycling... Continue Reading →

Let the Chain Be Unbroken: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Ali: Today's our first joint accountability post.  I've been doing well with my calendar chain strategy.  One week of X after X on my calendar and no gaps.  When I started, I was nervous.  I've been on a long slacker stint and I was going to have to get back into a groove that I'd been... Continue Reading →

How Do First Chapters Work?

Rabih Alameddine's novel I, the Divine is a novel told entirely in first chapters. As a reader, the whole-novel-as-first-chapter concept put me in an immediate state of: What do I have to follow here? (The answer is: Sarah's life. It wasn't as difficult a read as I thought it would be. Alameddine flows the first chapters... Continue Reading →

We Break Your Bones: Entry for ENO’s Mini-Opera Competition

This is a piece for a Chorus (Villagers) and three soloists (Wife, Husband, and Death). The place is an unnamed Iranian village.WifeNo!                                                                Villagers                                                                Hear how she begs…                                                                But no mercy                                                                She spread her legs                                                                Our verdict is read                                                                Bury her                                                                Up to her headWifeI’ve done no wrongI’ve known no handOnly my husband                                                                                                                                Husband                                                                                                                               ... Continue Reading →


It's very fitting that, in a month where we're talking about an experimental author, I find a call for submissions from Blood Orange Review where the theme is Experiment.  The part I think is cool about the prompts is, "We have purposefully chosen themes that can be interpreted in many ways, so if you think... Continue Reading →

Third Culture Kids

Writers like Alameddine are interesting because living in more than one culture (he grew up in Lebanon and Kuwait, then moved to England, then to America) gives unique flavors to the writing.  An article I read for my thesis is "Home: Territory and Identity" by J.M. Wise.  It's an interesting read and I definitely recommend... Continue Reading →

Chain Chain Chain

I've been a slacker with writing lately.  First, the novel group went on hiatus, which removed my constant impending deadline.  Then, I was looking for a new job, which sucked up oodles of time.  Then, I was moving for the new job and doing all the work that goes along with a move.  Then... I... Continue Reading →

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