Story Beats and Hooks that aren’t for fishermen: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

It's Tuesday again, my fellow writing buddies! Time to talk about what we've accomplished this past week.It was an interesting week for me. Most of it hinges on the Under Ground Writing Project meeting I wen to on Sunday. Normally during the meetings we're critiquing one another's work - looking for stuff like plot, character,... Continue Reading →

Good Omens/Collaboration

*This week's Monday post is brought to you early by Really-Busy-Tomorrow Cereal!In a post the other day, Jenny asked me what I thought of our new collaborative adventures. To Jenny, I say, Good Omens. Oh my, how I love when things sync up like that. The book in question is a delightful collaboration between Neil... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Leap

This week's Saturday pages is all about figurative language and taking leaps. I'm also going to offer you different levels to try your hand at - depending on whether you a lighter writing exercise or if you're game for some heavier lifting. The most important thing about today's exercise is that you shut up your... Continue Reading →

Taking Leaps

Read a bit of Neil Gaiman and you'll quickly realize that he has flexible ideas of reality. Yeah, I know his stock in trade is fantasy. I'm not talking about that. No, what I'm talking about is Gaiman's willingness to take leaps, and his confidence that you'll leap with him.A couple of years ago, I... Continue Reading →

A Week of Almost-Not-Quite: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Ah, welcome to Tuesday comrades. Time to see what we've accomplished this week.For me:It's the week of almost-not-quite. 1. Almost finished a new short story. I'm up to the climatic, near-end scene. The story sorta wrote itself, which is always nice, right? But it still isn't finished. Just two more scenes. 2. Worked on the... Continue Reading →

Story and Poetry – Why Aren’t They Together?

In Fragile Things, a collection of short stories and poems by Neil Gaiman, there is a wonderful poem called “Instructions.” As Gaiman says in the introduction this poem is “Quite literally, a set of instructions for what to do when you find yourself in a fairy tale.” While he might not come out and say... Continue Reading →

Saturday Pages

"Somewhere in the night, someone was writing." ~Neil Gaiman, Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread DesireToday I bring you the first of a new feature on the blog. From now on, we're going to be giving you a writing prompt or exercise each Saturday. I hope... Continue Reading →

Talking to You

Hello there, reader. Here goes my first post on Place for the Stolen, and I'm thrilled to be here. Also, I'm blushing a little from Jenny's kind introduction. Jenny's one of those cool people who is wicked smart and clever. Not to mention that she can, and has, straight up told people in our writing... Continue Reading →

The Edgar Nominees

Awards are so exciting. I was caught up in the tweeting and congratulations to Maureen Johnson, YA writer extraordinaire when I noticed:Lo and Behold!Our very own mentor for this month, Neil Gaiman, has also been nominated for his short story: "The Case of Death and Honey" from Study in Sherlock Yay! Congrats to Gaiman, Johnson,... Continue Reading →

An Announcement and Mapping: A Tuesday Post of Accountability

Hello my fellows, my comrades, my peeps! I hope this Tuesday finds you happily typing away on your keyboards. These past couple weeks have calmed enough for me to post what I've actually done. But first! An announcement!:Considering the amount of reading and extrapolating I have to do for this blog, and considering the amount... Continue Reading →

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