Tuesday Post of Accountability!

I almost forgot another Tuesday! Looks like I don't want to be held too accountable....=)Here's what I managed to finish:1. Another chapter of The Line! Woo-hoo. I busted this one out pretty fast and it's the happy sorrow of having a draft finished...but knowing that I'm gonna hafta do the whole thing over again. It... Continue Reading →

Writerly Linkage for Your Friday

How intellectual property affects you: Borders customer database will be merged with Barnes and Noble's database. Here's the word from William Lynch, CEO of BN. If you didn't know this already, just be aware that in UK it is the tail-end of Children's Book Week. If you're a teacher/librarian, there are no funds for physical packets... Continue Reading →

Progress is Slow, but Inevitable: Tuesday Post of Accountability!

All right, here's what I've done in the last couple weeks (since I missed last week - Bad Me!)1. Finished a couple chapters of The Line. Now, last week I totally slacked off and managed to do a whole lot of nothing. My goal for September was to write 100 pages (count 'em) and I... Continue Reading →

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