Tuesday Post of Accountability!: Almost, not quite

It’s that Tuesday time again! And every Tuesday you will be subjected to regaled by the writing progress I have made over the last week. But! I insist that I not be the only one exposing myself sounding off. Let your comments reflect what kind of suffering butt-kicking you have done too!

What I have done this week (8/16/2011-8/23/2011):

1. I was hoping to say DONE with the chapter I’m working on, but I’m not quite there yet. Trying very hard to finish it for this writers group submission go-round. It’s getting there….(I’ve gotta say that these last two chapters have been the most difficult to write so far. I think I’m making it too hard on myself.)

2. Got a list of new markets to submit short stories to, but again didn’t quite make the submissions themselves. Ah well. I guess this is the week of “Almost”

3. Did figure out the next few steps in my novel outline, so I know where I’m going. That’s a plus. I don’t outline a whole piece before I write it — though I generally know the end spot. So I ‘outline’ a few chapters at a time. When I first write a chapter outline it’ll be something like “A and B fight” and by the time I get to actually writing the chapter, I know what A and B are fighting about and what the outcome needs to be…because generally the next chapter is outlined as “B recovers from fight” or something.

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