R.I.P. Ye Pain in the A$!@* Short Story

It is official: I’m tabling a particular short story because I now hate it.

Got critiques last night on a short story that I have revised and revised and looked at again and again and again. I did all this work because as I wrote it I felt that hum of “This is one of the best pieces I’ve written.” And, in some ways it was. The description was solid. The situation tricky. Flannery O’Connor inspired it.

The problem is that there is no friggin’ point to it. I don’t really have strong motivations for the characters, and when you blow your characters up at the end, you really need to give them some motivation. Ya know? Plus, you should really know what you want to say with a piece. I just wanted to blow stuff up, and sad to say, blowing stuff up does not a good story make.

4 Comments on “R.I.P. Ye Pain in the A$!@* Short Story

  1. I generally find that the more I work at something the more I hate it.

    And remember that Hollywood has done pretty well with weak characters and lots of explosions.

  2. Yeah, but I don't think I got the explosion:character balance correct enough for Hollywood. Though I could add more in…!

  3. Think Michael Bay.

    And I can't think of one that I didn't think could be saved. However, when you feel like you're through with a story, the drawer may be the place for it for a while at least.

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