In the spirit of author-asking question, seeing as how we're all writer-ly types around here, I'm going to pose to you Deb's author question:What is the best/worst writing advice you've ever received?

Contest, Alexie, and Others

First off, a big ole congrats to Julia -- the Boudreau Birthday Bash Contest winner. It's kind of crushing to know that I was so close to her word count and bathroom construction took over that last day. (I'm sorry, I love writing, but I love my bathroom too...and you don't know what you have... Continue Reading →

The Typing vs Handwriting Thingy

Normally, I'm a handwriter. But, after my last word count contest bobber where John kicked my tail, I figured something out: For writing contests, one should not handwrite everything and then try to type it in. Turns out, when you try to do that, you just wind up writing twice the words -- but the... Continue Reading →

Words, Words, Words

It's such a shame that the word count contest only counts for one project -- since the profs seemed to have teamed up and assigned terms papers all in this last week.Blech.

Countdown to Alexie

Oh yeah. The Man-His-Own-Self will be in Pueblo, Colorado, this next weekend. This means nothing to those of you who are not in or around Pueblo, Colorado, but for those of us who are....YIPPEE!I'm very excited. So far Alexie has been my reading list for the last couple months. Partly because I'm in a class... Continue Reading →

New Contest Stuff!

Foolishly I have decided to participate in another one of Boudreau's hairbrained schemes: namely a word count contest. I haven't done as amazing in the past as the Big B, but I'm totally planning on busting his record (41K+).You may notice to your right the addition of several blogs. These new guys are my fellow... Continue Reading →

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