August Wrap Up and Heading into September

Tonight is the CWC meeting--the last one in Colorado Springs. Ali decided to up and move, so that puts us down in Pueblo, since that's the halfway point for most of us. I'll miss Panera....Anyway, instead of mourning the loss of my favorite sandwich every month (I blame you Ali!), I shall think of all... Continue Reading →

The Process as a Process

There is a lot of focus on the process of writing as being the important element of writing. That when you're creating, it's all about the process, not the product that's there at the end. You have to enjoy it while you're in the middle of it, as a writer, otherwise: What's the point. Professional... Continue Reading →

Mentor of the Month: Justin Cronin: The Twelve, and worries on a lengthy series

The excitement continues for Justin Cronin fans. The Twelve is the next book in The Passage trilogy - and the release date is October 16, 2012!!! See the cover and up-to-date info at EW.I am as big a fan of never leaving a world I enjoy as much as the next dude/dudette. After all, I... Continue Reading →

Weather and Writing

William Wordsworth wrote this wonderful poem called "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" (also known as "Daffodils")--and all of the emotions he felt while walking out in nature. He was inspired by the wind and the clouds, and the peace that they produced. Wordsworth is commonly considered one of the early conservationists, concerned with nature... Continue Reading →

Office Supplies–The Real Reason We’re Writers

As I've gone through August, buying school supplies and whatnot for the kids (and myself!) and after a couple recent-er posts from buddies Deb and Ali, I have figured out the real reason that we're writers.You would think that it would have something to do with the fact that we were all big readers growing... Continue Reading →

Mentor of the Month: Justin Cronin: The Summer Guest and The Passage, a small critique on repetition

One of the things that writers are warned against is repetitiveness: Don't repeat words too often if you're not going for an effect. Don't be repetitive in how you structure your sentences. Don't start too many sentences or paragraphs with the same word. Don't you see what I did there? (Hee hee. But it doesn't... Continue Reading →

The Artist At Work

I've been trying to keep in mind that this year my focus is: "Stuff I Learned From Other People" and who better to learn from than my very own little girl?She's two and precocious and doesn't care what other people think--not yet anyway. Which can be frustrating in restaurants, but is wonderful in life. She... Continue Reading →

Finished vs Completed

In Jack Canfield's (of Chicken Soup fame) The Success Principles he discusses the difference between finishing and completing. *Yes, I read self-help books occasionally. Quiet.The argument goes something like this: finishing something is not the same as completing it. Basically, you can finish a novel and put all the words on paper and print it... Continue Reading →

Mentor of the Month: Justin Cronin: Taking Your Time and Character Motivation

I'm currently reading Cronin's Mary and O'Neil, which is his first published collection of stories. The stories are interconnected and revolve around these two characters and their relationship--and that of their family and friends. One thing that has been going through my mind now that I've been exposed to Cronin's 'know what your characters don't... Continue Reading →

Make the Bartender More Interesting; or, Side Character Names

This one should seem pretty obvious:Character names matter. And they matter the same way that accurate details matter in a piece of writing. They add a level of meaning and depth and interest that otherwise wouldn't be there. I also argue that it matters more for side characters. Sure, you can have a bartender named... Continue Reading →

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