More Words to Go

John’s right. You can get smoked in a marathon.

Here’s my focus at the moment: I need 12,500 words by the end of this week at least, because I have to turn in at least 50 pages to the CWC. At the very least, I have to hit that. No exceptions. (Have I said ‘at least’ enough times?)

So, the bad news: I’m getting smoked.

The good news: The challenge is working like it’s supposed to. I’m getting words down after a very difficult block. After a period of “Nothing I’m doing is good enough.” “Everything sucks.” and “Why doesn’t someone please break my fingers so that I have a better excuse for not writing!” I’m moving again.

And I have to say this for my fellow competitors: You people can move words! Damn.

The current word counts (as of this morning at 9:20) stand thus:
Matt: 16077
Marie: 15,756
John: 14,002
Ali: 10,000
Me: 5, 227

So, to put that into 4 words: I am losing badly.

5 Comments on “More Words to Go

  1. Don't you just hate it when you start a contest and people actually take you seriously and start writing a ton? So annoying 😉

  2. You are winning–you're writing!

    And you can so kick their asses if you really put your mind, and fingers, to it.

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