Sometimes technology just isn’t as fast as I need it to be

Ah printing. It's a blessing right? You don't have to hand-copy everything. You don't have to set type. You don't have to deal with that goopy carbon copy crap. It's wonderful...Except when you're on a deadline and you need to get five copies of a friggin submission printed out in like 5 minutes or you're... Continue Reading →

More Words to Go

John's right. You can get smoked in a marathon.Here's my focus at the moment: I need 12,500 words by the end of this week at least, because I have to turn in at least 50 pages to the CWC. At the very least, I have to hit that. No exceptions. (Have I said 'at least'... Continue Reading →

A Side Note On the Birth of the Rules: Percy Bysshe Shelley

Last night, whilst talking to my writing Pirate buddies, we were discussing agent-y things--query letters, synopsis, and the like. (You know, the stuff only other writers talk to one another about because any other audience would fall asleep at the wheel.) As we were talking I was reminded of a letter from Percy Bysshe Shelley,... Continue Reading →

An Inausipcious Start

Inauspicious is the word of the day ;)And I have written nary a word, except to write that I have written a whole lot of nothing today. The reason is that, after working on Deb's 600-page MMG and proposing an outline for her story, I realized that I need a plan, a direction to go... Continue Reading →

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