Yay Alexie

Ali named her puppy after him.

And now he’s won the Pen/Faulkner!

Go Sherman Alexie. Go!

Blog Block!

Struggling, struggling to write something that isn’t whiny on the blog.

And failing.

Now I’ll whine about how I have nothing to blog about at the moment.

I feel bereft.

What do you do when you realize that you may have not put enough complicating factors into your story?

And I mean those complicating factors that drive your story. Sure, if you’re writing a road trip novel you can throw in a flat tire here or there–but the flat tire in and of itself is not a driving factor in the story. The moment when the tire goes flat can help push a snapping moment in a character by increasing the frustration just *that* much, but the tire itself is not the interesting part. We don’t want to hear about how the hubcap rolled away, or the jacking up process, or details about the tire iron. A reader wants to hear the problems about the character.

There’s a problem if there’s not enough messed up with the characters to start with because, once you’ve decided the frustration from a flat tire is enough to make him blow, the emotional response you were hoping to get from the scene falls flat and no one cares that this dude is yelling expletives at a flat tire.

If there’s no emotional response in the reader, it’s probably because you didn’t mess the character up enough.

I’m running into such an issue at the moment.

I thought that I’d built tension enough, but I think that the character doesn’t have enough ‘oomph’ behind him at the moment. Maybe I’m wrong, I’ll leave it to my saintly first readers to figure it out and tell me what’s up. Still, I can’t help thinking that, at the very least, I’m being repetitive in this scene and repetition does not equal drama.

Well, guess it’s time I updated.

Unfortunately I have nothing to report except a brief spell of despondency that has since passed. You know the drill: I suck. Life sucks.

The good news is that, well, the sucky bit passed. And I got over being sick (which never, ever helps when you’re in one of those moods, ya know?).

What’s on the other side?

School. Oh yeah. As soon as my dearest hubby finishes his, I’m going back. That’s so exciting to me–someone who has only a few credits left to graduate. But, crazy me, I’ve decided to add an Education minor so that I can get my teaching license and mold young minds. I seriously can’t wait. I sent off my application for school today and have felt happy ever since.