Sounding Off On the Outline Thing

Chapter Eight was not going well. First, the writer tried to do it from one POV. Then another. She tried putting in a scene about moving, then one about children, then yet another about something she can't remember right now because it was a totally stupid idea.Finally she realized her problem. She was stuck. She... Continue Reading →

It’s A Lot Easier To Write When You Can Find Your Keyboard

The kids are settled into their new rooms. The living room has been cleared of the debris of 'stuff'. And my writing area is free of stacks of papers and books--meaning I can now reach my keyboard without a towering stack of critiques-to-do and work-in-progess papers falling onto my head.In other words, my writing space... Continue Reading →

Mentor of the Month: Joyce Carol Oates: Write Whatcha Want

One look at Joyce Carol Oates's bibliography and you'll notice one thing:She'll write about anything.Some examples:Blonde: A novel about Marilyn MonroeMy Sister, My Love: A novel inspired by JonBenet RamsayZombie: A psychological novel from the POV of a serial killerThe Female of the Species: A collection of short stories about women behaving badly (very badly)Beasts:... Continue Reading →

Snap Back to Reality

Nothing'll bring you down out of your writerly laurels than a rejection. I have received my first for the New Year. Welcome to 2010!In all fairness, it was a very kind rejection--which I get a lot of, and that makes me happy. You know, nice personal notes etc. They say that's how you know you're... Continue Reading →

Picking Prizes

My ultimate grand prize for the Nathan Bransford contest was one of the following:1. A query critiqe2. A partial critique3. A 10-minute phone conversation/dish sessionThey're all tempting prospects. But!My query is getting results at the moment, so I'm not feeling inclined to send it in unless I'm actually query-ing. Plus, I don't think the particular... Continue Reading →

I have to stop jumping up and down long enough to say that I won Nathan Bransford's Teen Diary Extravaganza Diary Entry Contest!I'm so thrilled! And there were soooo many good entries too.Back to jumping up and down.

Mentor of the Month: Joyce Carol Oates: Punctuation As Art Form

In the spirit of Learning Stuff From Other People (part of my New Year's Resolution) I point you toward Joyce Carol Oates--someone I'm sure you know.Recently I finished reading Zombie, a short novel by Oates, that covers the mind of Quentin P___--a serial killer in the spirit of Jeffrey Dahmer. Here's a small quote to... Continue Reading →

When Life Gets In the Way

My brilliant plans all shot and it's only 3 days into the New Year!Okay, so it's not all that dramatic.Here's the bad news: My hubby and I have done the math and we won't be able to move back into our house this year. I could tell you and tell you, but I don't think... Continue Reading →

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