Here’s the thing when you’re writing about men who lie: they lie.

The Bundy section of Up From the Basement was more difficult to write than the Kemper section because Bundy was more of a liar (or possibly, not as good of a liar) as Kemper. Kemper gave details that were consistant across the material that I read/looked up/listened to. Bundy was pretty obviously a big fat liar, but a fairly good one, so some things from the “mythos” of Bundy hold up against some scrutiny.

Gacy was a big fat liar who wore clown masks. Nothing he says matches anything that he said earlier. Even about work at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Hello? It’s a fast food restaurant, not the United Nations. He makes me dizzy and I can’t get a good grasp on what aspects I want to hit on regarding him.

There are some startingly good images that pop into my brain from his interviews and photographs, and that’s generally enough to kick off a poem. I just want more than that and it’s frustrating.

I know, Ali. I shall now just shut up and write…..

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