The Decade in Review

On December 31, 1999, I hosted a Murder-Mystery party at my house. My friends and I dressed up in all-out party gear (read: formal wear) and proceeded to have a dinner where we sorted out who was the murderer. It was a silly, fun night. At midnight one of my friends killed the breaker for... Continue Reading →

The Critiques Are In

The verdict on Up From the Basement (the poetry book): You must read all of it and it works better.My UGWPers got a partial submission, namely the Bundy section of the poetry book. The result was that, well, it didn't really work.The CWCers got the whole shebang and they said the things that were in... Continue Reading →

The last thing writerly thing I'm doing for this year is sending off the package that an agent requested, which is a great thing to be doing. Ending on a high note before the rejections start coming back in for 2010.Then I'm off to critique for UGWP and I'll be done for this year. Satisfying... Continue Reading →

Finished! or, What Happens When Deadlines Disappear

Through November I wrote like a fury to get the poetry book done in time to hand to my writer's group so that I had some readers before I reworked and sent the manuscript into the contest for January.In two/three weeks I banged out almost sixty poems. Then I hit a snag with Gacy and... Continue Reading →

Time for a New Look

Coming up on the end of the year it is time for a face-lift.To your right we have a painting by Frederic Bazille, a French Impressionist who worked with Monet, Manet, and all the other great painters of the day. In fact, they're in the picture, along with French author Emile Zola. This is called... Continue Reading →

Here's the thing when you're writing about men who lie: they lie.The Bundy section of Up From the Basement was more difficult to write than the Kemper section because Bundy was more of a liar (or possibly, not as good of a liar) as Kemper. Kemper gave details that were consistant across the material that... Continue Reading →

As the end of the year approaches, I'm trying to sort out what I accomplished, what I didn't, and the why behind both so that I can better plan next year.What I did not accomplish and why I think I didn't:I did not finish either rough draft that I intended to. That kinda stings since... Continue Reading →

JePoWriMo: Day 33

You thought JePoWriMo was done because Mo stands for Month, right?Wrong.I'm still not quite finished with my serial killer poetry book. (That was my magical epiphany that I kept secret to surprise my CWCers.) It's so cool!So the first part is about Edmund Kemper (also known as the Co-ed Killer), the second part is about... Continue Reading →

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