JePoWriMo: Day 29

I have never written so many poems in my life! Ever. Wheeeee! That's all I can say. I've finished the first two sections. Now I'm off to print it all out. I printed out the first section and was shocked at the amount of paper that came out. I've filled one notebook longhand with rough... Continue Reading →

JePoWriMo: Day 25

Due to the slowness of my progress, the CWCers have graciously granted me the opportunity to turn in what I have and then email them the rest. Yeesh.On the good news front regarding FJR--another agent has graciously requested to read a partial. Yay! Fingers crossed that she loves it and wants all of it and... Continue Reading →

JePoWriMo: Day 19

Still going too slow! Even with this new great thing, I'm going way too slow! I'm halfway through the first part, though.I don't think I'll have as many poems to cut as I wanted to initially--instead of going from 120 to 60, I might wind up going from 90 to 60. Which means a tighter... Continue Reading →

JePoWriMo: Day 14

Still trucking along. Hopefully finish the first third of the thing by tomorrow. I'm starting to hit a stride of some kind...if not THE stride. We'll see.

JePoWriMo: Day 12

First off: Happy Birthday to my brother Matt.Second Off: An interesting phenomenon is happening to my dear friend Ali today. After many months of work (years?) on a creative project--namely a collection of short stories called Into the Water--today she is being asked to defend what she has done.Interesting idea to me: defending a creative... Continue Reading →

JePoWriMo: Day 9

Redo! (The poetry book that is.)I have had an epiphany. And it is good. But you have to wait for it. I'm not telling yet. Let me just say that a creative bolt of lightning struck my little head while driving down to see the Sandra Cisneros reading.And about Ms. Cisneros.She's great. Really lively and... Continue Reading →

JePoWriMo: Day 8

We will be taking a break during the poetry proceedings today.Because today Sandra Cisneros is giving a reading/signing in Pueblo and that's where I'll be. A little inspiration never hurt.Plus Cisneros relates to all of my current projects:Poetry: she writes it and publishes (publishing of poetry being a rarer thing than you suppose)La Llorona: Hello!... Continue Reading →

JePoWriMo: Day 7

Progress is being made--just not in a calculable fashion.A few pages have been written. Just me cutting loose and getting words down. Because, like the brilliant Ali says: quantity, not quality.So I've decided to write freestyle, trying to use a lot of repetition with the words. After all, sestinas repeat six words six times over,... Continue Reading →

JePoWriMo: Day 5

Panickingly slow is how it's going. I don't know if panickingly is a real word but I'm using poetic license.So far: 6 poems that are actually in a full rough draft form. About 7 where I have a line or more.November sucks for doing any of these kinds of things. Especially this November for some... Continue Reading →

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