Writing Math

I don’t know about you guys, but in my spare time when I should be writing I like to calculate how many pages or words I would have to write to be done in a certain time frame.

For example:
If I want to finish a 100,000 word novel in 6 months (average 30 days a month) then I figure I have to write 67 pages a month–a tiny bit over 2 pages a day for six months straight.

In my head I tell myself that’s a cakewalk. No sweat. Could do it in my sleep.

If I weren’t so busy doing the writing math.

So I recalculate. I’ve spent a month figuring out how long it would take to write a novel in six months and I’m one month down. Maybe I submitted a new story. Maybe I wrote a couple random things, edited a few bits here and there. Did a lot of writing math.

100,000 words in 5 months=20,000 words=80 pages a month=2.6 pages a day, so now it’s closer to 3 pages a day but still doable.

Yeah, but between work and the kids and the whole family togetherness thing, I’m out another month. Plus I’ve got to read, right? Good readers=good writers. Kiss a second month goodbye.

Four months and 100,000 words to go=25,000 words per month=100 pages=3.3333333 pages a day

But, lo and behold, I have not prepped anything for my evil CWC group which demands a certain level/quantity of pages in and of itself. I spend the next few weeks revamping old, trashy work to buy myself time to eventually turn in something new to them.

And I’m down to three months. Nose to the grindstone time. But I lost a lot of sleep because I needed to get an UGWP submission ready too, so I didn’t feel guilty about submitting to just one group…I do, after all, owe them an end to the intolerably long Round Story.

So, two months to get 100,000 word novel done.

Two months with 100,000 words=50,000 words per month=1666 words per day=6.66 pages per day.

Freaked out. Wasted time writing a blog post about how much time I was wasting.

3 thoughts on “Writing Math

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  1. Back to back NaNoWriMo's. When you've got real life to deal with, one in a row is exhilarating. Two in a row might be considered suicidal.

    I love doing writing math. Makes everything seem easy. Until you get to work or have to mow the lawn.

    And then there's the evil CWC. Brrrrrr. Scary.

  2. You made me laugh out loud! Really, dude, relaaaaax. Write when you have time. Then you get 10 pages done when you're actually on a roll, and you can gloat about those pages on other days.
    Sounds easy, right? :-)))

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