Jenny’s Summer Reading Program

At work, I set up a display for the high schools' summer reading. As I was setting it up, I realized that I have never read any of them. Insightful as this was, it irritated me. Here I am, with aspirations to write literature and I've never read these creations from the masters of literature.... Continue Reading →

More toys, I’m getting spoiled; or the Wand Chooses the Wizard

My birthday present from Shane arrived a couple days ago. It's a set of really great pens. Three fountain pens, three roller ball, and three ball point. It's like the evolution of pens all in one box!I tried out all of them, of course, with a little help from Owen and Bronwen. They all work... Continue Reading →

Speaking of tools...I'm writing this blog on my brand spanking new mini computer. It's got a built in web-cam, microphone, and is faster than my normal laptop...but it has definitely been designed for hobbit use. Takes some getting used to, I guess. But the battery life kicks all kinds of tushy.And did I mention that... Continue Reading →

Are we only as good as our tools?

Top Chef: Masters will be premiering tonight. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Real chefs with real restaurants who are well-off enough to play for charities.But something struck me as very interesting--initially I thought, whoa, this'll be tough because these guys really know their game. They've gone through the real-life ringer already. They must be... Continue Reading →

Little Black Book: June Goals

My goal this month, since I have nothing due to any particular group, is to do writing exercises. And for this purpose, I have purchased a little black book of 192 blissfully blank pages that I plan to fill with All New Writing by the end of the month. This notebook, like I said, is... Continue Reading →

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