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The Age of Fable: Library Edition The Age of Fable: Library Edition by Thomas Bulfinch

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Bulfinch likes the word ‘propitious’…at least that’s the word that stuck out the most to me as I listened to the narrator. Also ‘thither’–such an old word that it seemed really forced, even with the knowledge that the book was written Back in the Day.

However, as far as getting across the stories of the myths of Ancient Greece, and The Northern (read: Norse) Mythologies, he does a fairly accurate–and sometimes painfully detailed–job. All of the old favorites are there, though I did get confused because when I originally learned all of the stories, it was with the Greek names. Bulfinch uses the Latin or Roman versions so I had to mentally check myself everytime Minerva, or Juno, or all the others were mentioned. (Especially confusing when he reminds us that Athens is named for Minerva–who is Athena in the Greek).

Long story short (because this is kind of a long read) it’s a good introduction both to the myths and to a great deal of Romantic and Classic poetry. Definitely filled in some gaps of learning for me. I also think he did the best job describing the basic ideas behind Hinduism and Buddhism…though I have the distinct impression all he knew were these basics. There’s definitely a lack of detail in the Eastern Mythology portions of the work.

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**This was an experiment to see if I could get the book review posted. Experiment=success.

Do you want to know how stupid I am?

Here I am, sitting at the computer, day after day, checking my email, bemoaning the fact that no one is requesting pages and pages of my genius, when, low and behold, a request comes through for pages.

All together now: Yay!

However, this isn’t what makes me stupid. What makes me stupid is that in the introduction paragraph of this particular query letter, I mention the fact that I won “Best Tension” after being judged by a panel of celebrated authors. This is the only query letter where I mention said award and drop the names of Carol Berg, Charles Kaine, and Barbara Samuel (now writing as Barbara O’Neal). You would think that I would be smart enough to mention that in every single query. But no! I have tried to be funny and cute and all the other things that you’re not supposed to do while proving that you’ve heard of the agent/agent’s clients.

All together now: Arghh!

But perhaps this agent will come through and I will not have to worry about sending more queries? Fingers and toes crossed…Hope springs eternal!

April Goals, March Sum-up

I didn’t do too bad in March. Got some queries together and off. Got some new pages written–not as much as I wanted, but enough because it helped keep me from going insane while the queries were doing their thing (and they still are, by the way). All the critiques for both groups got finished.

April, I think I will take a little lighter, just for my own sanity’s sake. Here’s what I have:
1. Gotta finish the Round Story. Yes, it is almost done. And I have to say that I’m proud of what the Underground Writing Project has accomplished. What were there? 9 different authors? 10? I’ll have to take a look. And we’re actually going to finish a really large project that forced us all to write outside our comfort zone and allowed those of us who haven’t finished a novel before to see the process…even if we never do another one and if nothing else comes of it, that was worth all the time and effort. Last chapter to me!
2. Keep on moving on La Llorona…I’m shooting for at least 10 pages, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it.
3. Read! I’m going to finish Julia Alvarez’s Saving the World and P.D. James’s Children of Men.
4. All the critiques, which were pretty mild this month. There were still four in the UGWP, but they’re 2 pages each.
5. Gonna work on my submission package some more. Just went over what I sent in earlier and discovered a typo, a typo!, on the second page that I somehow missed. Even with everyone circling and highlighting and underlining. I still missed it. Ugh! Well, let’s just wait for those rejection letters to come on in and get the new package put together….

March is over, April has begun with my son’s birthday! Happy, happy birthday Owen. He’s now seven years old and I am also just old. Yeesh. Time flies.

When you think of what a child can accomplish in seven years, it will make you think you’re a slacker. In the first seven years of his life Owen has:

1. Learned to roll over, crawl, walk, run, hop, and skip.

2. Learned a whole language.

3. Learned to use a toilet (I’m a real fan of this one, I’ve gotta say).

4. Learned how to read.

5. and many many many many more things than I have any hope of listing in their entirety.

Yep, makes me feel like a slacker.