A different kind of critique…

I handed my ‘finalized’ version of FJR over to my mother to check for typos and so that I would have a cold reader to go through it. Recently she gave me the first half.

You know how we talk about constructive criticism? Well, my mom is hilarious. She definitely circled typos and did her bit. But scattered throughout are her personal pet peeves.

Part of my novel is in first person, next to one of those pieces is the note: “I hate first person.”
The novel is not linear, hence the note: “I hate time jumps.”
And my personal favorite…there’s a spot where I wax poetical about the distances on maps and how far away one person is from another and she writes: “Guess it’s time to get a GPS.”

That kind of honesty is actually strangely refreshing.

There was a good critique though–normally she hates the stories that I tell. They’re just too dark for her sensibilities (and I write in first person every now and then and don’t tell things in a straight line). She said that she spaced out on the critiquing/typo check and read because she was actually enjoying it. I guess if she enjoys a story that contains a lot of her reader pet peeves, I think I’m okay. We’ll see what she thinks about the end.

One Comment on “A different kind of critique…

  1. Ah, yes, family feedback. Ain’t it grand? Although it sounds positive that Susie forgot to critique (and her pet peeves) because she was enjoying the story. Always a good sign.Good luck with the end. 😉

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