How Charles Dickens Did It

I realize that Dickens is not our mentor of the month, but I came across something very interesting in Edwin Drood, his last and unfinished novel. Namely: the notes on the book he didn't finish.In the back of the Penguin version of the book it gives his final notes--the next few chapters. I'm not going... Continue Reading →

For those of you wanting more information on our Mentor of the Month: Edgar Allan Poe, please check out this site by fellow blogger Robert. Any inaccuracies that I've presented will certainly be accurate here! Enjoy. There's lots of fascinating posts. Here I am calling Poe mentor and I didn't even realize it was his... Continue Reading →

Mentor of the Month: Edgar Allan Poe: Author as Rock Star?

A new letter of Poe's has emerged. It was written to his editors and is a record of Poe apologizing for drinking to excess. This is just another part of Poe's 'legend'. An alcoholic, freaky kinda guy who wrote macabre poetry and short stories.In many ways, Poe's persona adds to the reading of his work.... Continue Reading →

Okay, so I probably should've read a lot more agent blogs more's what I think went wrong and it falls into the 'basics' category.1. Formatted email query wrong: according to Janet Reid's Query Shark blog-where she lambasts people who send her queries to be dissected-she says not to format it like a real letter.... Continue Reading →

And the smackdown came fast.Rejection #1 for the year. Short, polite, and to the point.Glad that's over with. I thought I'd feel more, I don't know, dejected or whatnot. Yet suddenly it is just like short stories. Reality checks are healthy and now I've been brought back down from daydreaming. Time to submit and then... Continue Reading →

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God

I just hit the 'send' button on the query/five pages submission, and about passed out.My brother is laughing uproariously in the backgroud--ranting about how the first submission is always rejected.I'm trying to think of it all as a short story submission. I've just been working on this short story for a couple years, that's all.... Continue Reading →

I'm struggling. Not afraid to admit it.I'm supposed to be working on my Llorona story but I have been, for want of a better word, blocked. That's because I really, really want to start submitting FJR to agents and see what happens. I've spent my time on the business side of the writing gig and... Continue Reading →

Feels like a wasted day. The bulk of my morning was supposed to be dedicated to spending time with my son and writing once his dad picked him up. Only his dad couldn't pick him up and I had to drive 45 miles to do the dropping off. While I did get to listen to... Continue Reading →

Mentor of the Month: Edgar Allan Poe: The Process

"I have often thought how interesting a magazine paper might be written by any author who would - that is to say, who could - detail, step by step, the processes by which any one of his compositions attained its ultimate point of completion. Why such a paper has never been given to the world,... Continue Reading →

A different kind of critique…

I handed my 'finalized' version of FJR over to my mother to check for typos and so that I would have a cold reader to go through it. Recently she gave me the first half.You know how we talk about constructive criticism? Well, my mom is hilarious. She definitely circled typos and did her bit.... Continue Reading →

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