All right, dammit: New Plan.

Didn’t get all of the revisions done–forgot to factor in the fact that you actually have to do some new writing when you revise. Banged through a few chapters okay, but had to change stuff I wasn’t expecting, who knew there were so many little tidbits throughout that you’ve gotta catch?

Okay, new plan:
1. Finish revisions by end of the month…even if I have to stay up all night on the 28th.
2. Finish UGWP submission for Sunday.

And that’s all she wrote for February. I have to get these outta the way because my CWC submission is coming up again and I have I worked on anything new? Not nearly 50 pages worth.

I guess I was just so excited about having the time to work on the book that I underestimated how much work it was. I did get more than halfway through…which is much more than I would’ve gotten otherwise. And it is so much better, too. Even I, who have been so close to it for so long and was growing tired of it, saw it get better as I worked. Yay team!

That is not to say that I haven’t been despairing at points. Recently I’ve taken to reading the agent blogs and have been surrounded by bad news on the publishing front–so there’s been a part of me that goes, dammit, how am I supposed to make a career out of this? Especially when I read posts about the number of submissions that agents are getting. They’re gonna have to read through that much more crap to get to my stuff and then they may be too tired to recognize it-or perhaps breathe a sigh of relief because something good finally crossed their desk. (I believe that such is the case for American Idol judges as well, after a while your ears ring with badness, so you want to kiss the good ones. I don’t even sit through all the auditions and feel that way.)

Another depressing point is that today is my last day on ‘vacation’. Tomorrow, I have to wade through the same ol’-same ol’ after having a taste of what my real life could be like. That’s really bittersweet. Yes, it makes me want to work harder, but I’ll admit, it’s really, really depressing.

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  1. Agent blogs are definitely two-edged swords. Great hints and info–very depressing as well. Take the good. Leave the bad.And good on ya! Halfway ain’t nothing. Much closer than you were before. And closer than I am, truth be told, and I’ve been at it longer than you. Started with more of a mess, but still.And I have a submission to clean up for this month. An early last Monday, too, which is why I thought the month was shorter than 28 days. It is.You have inspired me to get off the Interweb and work on more revisions. I’m off.

  2. It’s funny how revising always seems to take more time than you’d think it would.Still, you achieved much awesomeness this past week. The fact that revising took longer than planned just means you’re spending the time to make it a higher degree of better than you had planned. It’s a good thing 🙂

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