Guess who's done?Me.Yep.Me.I'm done.Done with the third draft.Done.Done.Done!Guess who's happy, happy, happy?Me.Yep.Me.SOOOOOOOOO happy!

After this is the typo check…

...and the language polish.And then I'm done and sending out FJR.I won't lie. It feels really, really, really good to have done all that work and to see an end in sight. Three chapters left! It's noticeably better thanks to all my peeps. I may take a day or two off after all that.But then... Continue Reading →

Now Taking Requests…

...for March's mentor of the month.Choices are:1. Lemony Snicket2. Kate Chopin3. Edgar Allan Poe4. Thomas Hardy5. Janet Evanovich

Christopher Moore Stuff

Went with Shane, John, Oliver, and Ali to see Christopher Moore in Boulder last night. Here are my notes:1. It's nice to see an author (a successful author, let me add) in the flesh because it proves that mere mortals are capable of having really cool careers.2. If anyone asks me, at a book signing... Continue Reading →

Mentor of the Month: Toni Morrison: Work

Seeing as how I’m going back to work today, a little depressed and more than a little pissed that I have to work, I came across this from What Moves in the Margin (the collection of essays that I’m using for our Mentor of the Month sessions…):'One day alone in the kitchen with my father,... Continue Reading →

All right, dammit: New Plan.Didn't get all of the revisions done--forgot to factor in the fact that you actually have to do some new writing when you revise. Banged through a few chapters okay, but had to change stuff I wasn't expecting, who knew there were so many little tidbits throughout that you've gotta catch?Okay,... Continue Reading →

I think I've made up the difference for the earlier slow-start to the revision.My original plan--which has since been scrapped--called for a synopsis and query letter to be created this week as well. At the end of the week I think I'll have a solid, submittable draft of a novel but 'the package' is not... Continue Reading →

Revision vacation… going twice as long as I figured it would.Monday was my first day hitting the revision. First I took my pen and marked up the first four chapters, keeping my list of 'overall' notes close at hand. I marked the pages and then set to retyping the whole thing over again (that's right, I'm... Continue Reading →

Mentor of the Month: Toni Morrison: Knocking Narrators

"To make the story appear oral, meandering, effortless, spoken--to have the reader feel the narrator without identifying that narrator, or hearing him or her knock about, to have the reader work with the author in the construction of the book--is what's important."-Toni Morrison, "Rootedness: The Ancestor as Foundation"from What Moves in the MarginThe reader brings... Continue Reading →

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