New Year, new stuff to do

So Deb mentioned posting the new goals for the new year....I'm not looking at my sidebar at the moment so please forgive me if it differs at all:1. NANO January novel = rough draft (meaning I'll write a really quick, useless novel in January to restart my writing muscles2. Submit FJR to agents = gonna... Continue Reading →

Nervous energy.Tonight the CWCers will be giving me feedback on the 2nd draft of FJR. I admit to feeling a bit stressed because I so want it to be close to submitable. (I also hope they don't read this before hand and adjust no adjusting people!)Here's the thing when you've put so much work... Continue Reading →

Reading Experiment=No Go

Well, so much for 10 books in a month. I have succeeded in reading only 3 1/2....which isn't too bad when 1/2 is the 1200 pager Monte Cristo.I also made it through part of Garden Spells and Old Man and the Sea.Knew it was a stretch during this most busy of times: the Holiday Season!

Free at last from retail hell!For three wonderful days I don't have to ask people if they want gift receipts, or gift cards, or a foot up their watoosie. Now I get to be on the buying side of things.And the first thing I bought is the new Poets and Writers with the up and... Continue Reading →

Initial issue with Count of Monte Cristo: caricatures instead of characters.Enter Edmond Dantes, handsome, charismatic, beloved by boss, parent, and fiancee. He is a good guy. As spelled out in capital letters by Dumas before page two of the book.Then the enemies come in: Danglars, jealous of Dantes's recent promotion to captain; Fernand, jealous of... Continue Reading →

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