Printing in progress

Three cheers for me! Finished the manuscript!

Now let’s just hope the printer holds out. It’s going through a lot of paper at the moment. Yeesh, death to the forests I guess.

I’m trying very hard not to focus on the thoughts going through my head
It’s not perfect.
You’ve still got that typo.
You didn’t correct the earlier critiques.
This will never make you a living.

I must tell those thoughts to shut up because you know what?

I have never finished a second draft of this magnitude before. I wrote a novel once upon a time and it’s in the ‘once upon a drawer’ drawer. But it’s just a first draft. Now, I’ve actually taken another step in the learning how to write ladder. It’s a good thing. So I should just shut up and enjoy it. Moving on and up!

4 thoughts on “Printing in progress

  1. Huzzah for you!P.S. It’s a common misconception, the paper thing, but actually the trees that turn in to paper are grown on tree farms specifically to be turned into paper. So, really, thanks to supply and demand, the more paper you burn through, the more trees you’re causing to be planted. 🙂

  2. Whoo Hoo! I knew you could. I knew you could. I knew you could.And I’m sure the problems you’re stressing about aren’t ones that’ll be a big deal to the CWCers.Good on ya!

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