Finished Heartsick by Chelsea Cain. As a sort of homage to the authors who are entertaining me this month, I will post ways to get more information on them. After all, the most fascinating part of being an author is seeing how other folk did it.Chelsea Cain has a pretty awesome site--very like J.K. Rowling's... Continue Reading →

December Goals

Actually, writing is not one of them. Having spent the last two years on one large piece, I have decided to take a writing break and read instead. Besides, December is a month where it's sooooo hard to get anything decent down on paper anyway--what with chestnut roasting and all.So my goal is also a... Continue Reading →

Printing in progress

Three cheers for me! Finished the manuscript!Now let's just hope the printer holds out. It's going through a lot of paper at the moment. Yeesh, death to the forests I guess.I'm trying very hard not to focus on the thoughts going through my headIt's not perfect. You've still got that typo.You didn't correct the earlier... Continue Reading →

Libraries: conducive for rewrites

Today I discovered a new place to work: the library. Who knew?I set out to find a quiet place to write this morning--forcing Shane to babysit because I have to, have to, have to finish my draft. Lo and behold Fountain, Colorado, has a library. I knew it existed because I have recently checked out... Continue Reading →

What did I do?

Like an idiot, I asked if the CWC crew would be willing to do a 'full novel' read through--which involves handing in:1. full draft of novel (like the name implies)2. list of agents I am considering submitting to3. rough draft of the synopsis that I would hand in to said agents4. copy of query letter... Continue Reading →

You people spend WAY too much time on Facebook

How do I know this?Because I've been slowly sucked into the void that is Facebook. I pulled myself away before I planted anymore weird computer plants or joined more mafias or got bit by vampires or whatever else it is that the creators of this insane website have designed to eat my brain cells. And... Continue Reading →

With Apologies to Virginia Woolf

A little while ago, I requested that people send me reading lists. On one of the lists John mentioned that I should definitely pick up Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own. This is one I've read before, but considering the slight funk I was in, better to read a book about fiction, women, and... Continue Reading →

New Toys

I've been struggling with finding a place to write. Yes, I have a desk--in a loft I share with my husband and baby. If I want to write I have to wake everybody up (because any lamp or light illuminates the whole small space...ditto if I'm writing downstairs because of the shitty architecture of the... Continue Reading →

November is Here, Yippee Skippee

All right, my goals this month:Post about something other than my goals. Finish 2nd draft of FJR and submit to CWC.Get all critiques done (thanks to everyone for making that one easy!)Put together submission packet (query letter, agent list, synopsis, etc.) for submission to CWC...I'm actually most nervous about this....)I would love to do Ali's... Continue Reading →

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