Rough Month Ahead

For July, I hit a large quantity of my goals. The writing was a little slow, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the pace.

August, however, is gonna hurt.

Note the critique load:

  • 7 (seven!) critiques for UGWP…and they are of a longish variety (my submission makes 8)
  • 3 for CWC…and those are long, long, long

But, this is not all I have to do this month. Nope. Because I only submitted a partial partiality of a short story, I will have to submit the next installment at the end of the month to UGWP. And it’s my turn to submit to the CWC…so I hafta crank out at least 50 pages for them. What the (^^&(*#%R& was I thinking?

One can only laugh. Ha. Ha. Ha.

4 thoughts on “Rough Month Ahead

  1. Remember to breathe.tee hee hee heeeeeeee.Oops, sorry. Have to remember not to look at Ali. You’ll be fine. Coupla pages a day. Remember that CWC will hurt you (I think Ali and Fleur slipped that clause in) and UGWP will just be disappointed if you don’t submit.But no pressure. I have every faith in you.

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