At least I don’t have to have a page count

Here’s the decision with the short story: I will submit it in two parts.

As soon as I came to that conclusion, the words came just a little easier but I do need just a little more freakin time. I was busy with the novel and thought I could do it…but such was not the case. Then, reading Fred’s submission, I realized I didn’t need to finish it all at once! So I get to submit twice. Once this month and once next month. While I’ll only get one piece out of it, at least I’ll feel productive.

At least I don’t have a page count necessary this month like some other people.

Who I love.

4 Comments on “At least I don’t have to have a page count

  1. Good idea. And sometimes just knowing you have a Plan B helps get Plan A done.Can’t wait to read it, no matter how much of it you submit.

  2. ๐Ÿ˜› Wuss, who I love.Just kidding (well, about part of that). Do what you’ve gotta do.

  3. I don’t know…almost sounds like cheating…but, to be fair, cheating is better than chickening out. Although, when you think about it, cheating is a form of chickening out. But then again, like my uncle’s best friend’s little brother used to say, “Cheating a chicken out of his chance to cheat makes him only more apt to wanna peck your eyes out.”…I don’t think my coffee’s kicked in yet.

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