Use it or lose it

It’s been a while since I’ve flexed my short story muscles. They seem very out of shape. Flabby even. I seem to keep wanting to add arcs and characters and whatnot. Admittedly, I’m planning a rather longer short story but I still feel that itch to add “Chapter One” to the top of the page.

However, I know it’s a short story. There is not enough material for a novel and it’s a short story that I intend to use for my future collection.

Originally, I chose to do this because I need to do something besides the novel. I’ve been looking at the same characters and rearranging the same situations. I just needed something new, ya know? Is that so wrong? So difficult to understand!?

Okay, I’m fine now.

So, I should have it done by Sunday. Hopefully before. Hopefully it won’t suck.

3 Comments on “Use it or lose it

  1. I sincerely doubt it would suck. Sounds like you’re suffering from the same virus I have whenever I try to write a short story–aka novelizationalitis. I hear it’s treatable, I think chocolate is involved so I may never be cured.And you’d better not chicken out.

  2. I’m on board with the you-better-not-wuss-out train. Just so you know.In other news, shows like Are you smarter than an third grader (or whichever grade it is) wouldn’t work if this use it or lose it rule wasn’t true.On the bright side, you can always relearn how to calculate the diameter of a circle.

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