Argh, Ergh, and other various things I can’t say out loud

What. Did the whole of the magazine world get together and say “It’s rejection season! Form letters to all writers!”

At least that’s what it feels like. Just got two smackers in the mail and am having a hard time not feeling the world is against me. Bastards just don’t recognize my genius.

That’s all.

5 Comments on “Argh, Ergh, and other various things I can’t say out loud

  1. You think you got it bad? I haven’t even gotten any rejection letters for work I haven’t even send out yet!!! I’m really bummed about that, and I think it trumps your “actual form rejections.”

  2. Aw, poor Jenny. Just remember that, whatever the magazine people think of you, we still love ya!So the most who can be against you are the whole world minus a dozen or so 😉

  3. And how I love that dozen.Have you noticed how good things always come in dozens?1. donuts2. cookies3. fansyeah, it’s all good

  4. I figure you’re getting your rejections over now. We all probably have a quite a few coming to us. Bravery in sending them out counts, in my book. I agree that you still have fans. Water us and we will grow!

  5. Bastards, indeed!Maybe it’s a sign that you should be concentrating on FJR. I say that with love, so no hitting.

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