Now I know some bar things

Last night was interesting.

Met Ali at the bar and rushed through the back of the service area. Apparently I had everything turned around. There are a lot more coolers than I’d figured on. To say the least. The back of a bar looks far more industrial than the nineteenth century saloons would have you think. I know, seems obvious, right?

That being said, I pictured my fictional bar just a tad more old-school than what was there last night. No touch screens for registers. But that might be the only thing. Less classy menus…

Those are my brief initial thoughts. Now I need to bone up on what actual liquors would be there…the more generic ‘house’ brands and whatnot.

2 Comments on “Now I know some bar things

  1. Research is fun. Now all you need to do is fill in for me for one or two shifts and you can get pages and pages full of research notes.

  2. You know, I was just wondering what happened to Ali-demon. Thinking I kinda missed her. And here she is.Glad to have you back. And demoning at someone else.

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