Bar Research

I suppose if you’re going to write a novel it should be about something you’re interested in. After all, at some point, you will have to research various aspects of your piece–so that you don’t sound like a total schlub to the people who read your work.

So Ali has graciously offered to let me follow her around one night this week so that I can get an inside look at how a bar is run. You know all those little bitty details of things, like layout and procedure and whatnot? Apparently I have that all wrong. She has been hounding me to fix the ‘bar stuff’.

The closest I’ve ever been to mixing drinks is as a barista. According to Ali, mixing coffee and mixing alcohol are two totally different beasts…though I notice a remarkable similarity in the layout of the sinks (she sent me pictures, which I have diligently saved to my computer). I look forward to snooping around.

Here’s a question for you: What novel would you write, just so that you could do the research part of it all? Would you set it during a specific time period–like the Salem witch trials, just so you could go to Salem around Halloween? Or about a specific subject–like rock climbing?

3 Comments on “Bar Research

  1. I think mine would be marine biology. I’d go out on a few boats, walk some beaches, and hang out with nerdy biologists, all the while learning about and getting to poke all manner of funky oceanic life. That’d be ultra nifty.

  2. I have a vague idea for a story about a family during the relocations in Newfoundland so I’d be forced to go there for research–and maybe a little stalking.Still trying to come up with an original idea that would force me to go back to Scotland for a while. Good on ya for doing the research. You’re right. It can be really annoying to read a book that has something you know about completely wrong. Have fun at the bar.

  3. I’d just like to get to the south of France to research the Cathars 1st hand (and it’s the south of France- what’s not to like). But I wish I could go to India and Egypt as well, both exotic locations with histories of interesting religious sects etc. I’m sure I could come up with a novel for either location. I actually started one for Alexandria, Egypt but it was just too far out of my experience to continue.

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