July Time

June went fairly well. There was only one or two really panicky moments…one of them being the day of the CWC meeting–while I had all 50+ pages done, I unfortunately did not have them typed up and was, of course, making a desperate attempt to finish right up until the last minute.

So, that brings us to July. I got all of my June goals completed except for the new 10 pages of Guardian. Yay! Lots of check marks.

Here’s to July, a long month of fireworks…
1. complete another three chapters worth of rewrites for FJR
2. complete critiques for CWC (only two this month!)
3. complete critiques for UGWP (a lot more than two this month…darn prolific people…)
4. complete a short story to submit to UGWP

For everyone else out there working on completing pieces–best of luck and love to ya.

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