Struggle and the Writer

Went over to Ali’s today and we had one of those nice, long chats that you can have with truly good friends. Those chats tend to jump from subject to subject and somewhere along the line we talked about writing and struggling.

On these blogs (see the bulk of them at right) we talk about writing and page counts and goals and words. When we talk about having a hard time, there’s a whiny quality to it.

Ali said that’s what it’s supposed to be. Writing isn’t easy–so when we write about writing and the effects we want to create with it, we should not always be “Damn, that was easy.” Because it isn’t. Sometimes we say dumb things. Sometimes we flub an example we’re trying to make. Sometimes our clearly don’t come out thoughts. Yep, that’s what I said.

So here’s what I’m whining about:
1. My pages are not done and what I have done is not in order.
2. I’m tired.
3. I don’t have time.
4. I’m blogging instead of writing the ‘actual’ pages that I need to finish if I ever want a completed novel.
5. My house is a mess.

Now that I’ve done my whining, I’ll shut up and do what I need to do anyway. But maybe the load will be lighter now that I’ve unburdened myself.

For those of you who wish to unload as well: My comment box is always open.

2 thoughts on “Struggle and the Writer

  1. Glad you’re feeling less burdened, my friend. I’ve already done my own whinging on my blog. Maybe it’s because it’s only a week until CWC. Even though I don’t have to submit this time. It’s still looming.Loom.Loom.Loom.

  2. I mostly whine to my journal. The only one not to get bored of it. I even get bored with my own problems. What drives me the most crazy is the time I waste not writing. Watching T.V. or munching when I’m not hungry. It is true I have a small sliver of time when I’m alone with my computer- about 2 hours a day. But I waste a good portion of it. Right now I’m editing the first portion of Darkwing- just putting from 1st person into third. It’s tedious.

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