Ali owes me money

but let me back up for a second.

At first, I did not intend to do Ali’s challenge. But, as I was looking through our garage for one thing, I found a ton of other stuff for my office. This ton of stuff included notebooks small and large, pens, pencils, and various other paraphanalia. Turns out I wound up working with office supplies. And it was fun.

However, in the midst of all this fun, I came up with a really cool way to revise FJR–a way that would allow me to see a rough version of the new order that I wanted to put stuff in. I would literally cut and paste. I have decided to cut the scenes into the new order and rearrange various paragraphs within those scenes. I will paste in the new stuff I write with them so that I have one version all together.

It should be messy. Yay! Like kindergarten.

But, in determining this, I also determined that I needed loose leaf paper (better to insert into a three-ring binder–of which I found, like, twenty in the garage), rubber cement, and file dividers to mark chapter breaks since my current chapter breaks will be moot. And that’s where Ali owes me money. See, if it wasn’t for her goofy idea I wouldn’t have thought of it. So I blame her.

3 thoughts on “Ali owes me money

  1. That’s fantastic. Well, except for your claim of me owing you $. That part is rather less so.Of course, the thing is, maybe it’s really that you owe me money. Call it a consulting fee, eh?

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